Steroid Powders' Melting Point Test

By Bella Lee | 21 July 2016 | 0 Comments
Every Steroid has a different melting point and some steroids are even totally liquid at room temperature like Boldenone Undeclyenate (EQ). This means that it is possible to test the purity of your Steroid powders by heating them to their expected melting point
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Where to Buy Real Steroid Powders

By Bella Lee | 14 July 2016 | 6 Comments
If a company sell real steroid powders,they must know the product very well.One of the well-known steroid company is Hezhong Biochemical,it provides many good steroid recipes with professional guides of how to homebrew steroids,it gives what you need to make steroid injections like real steroid powders,steroid lab equipments and solvents,etc.
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Easy Way to Test Purity of Testosterone Enanthate

By Bella Lee | 14 July 2016 | 2 Comments
High purity Testosterone Enanthate steroids powder would melt between your hands,even under Room temperature.
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