Steroid Powders' Melting Point Test

By Bella Lee | 21 July 2016 | 0 Comments

Sourcing Steroid powders online is difficult for a number of reasons, but the main concern should be ensuring you receive high quality and pure products at the end of it. We would like to show you how to test the Steroid powders you receive from us so that you have true piecece of mind, there are other methods to test compounds including the colour tests from LabMax or HPLC tests completed by professionals but neither will show anything more than the traditional melting point test, after all it is what was being used before other tests were even invented.

Every Steroid has a different melting point and some steroids are even totally liquid at room temperature like Boldenone Undeclyenate (EQ). This means that it is possible to test the purity of your Steroid powders by heating them to their expected melting point - if the product is pure it will entirely melt at this temperature and over a small spread, i.e 1-3 celcius. More specifically, you are looking make sure that the powder turns into a liquid entirely, without smoke, without areas that are not melting and without areas that melt too early.

Steroid Melting Point Test Process

Because we are testing something specific, it is important to be specific in your procedure and so the first step is acquiring a means to accurately control the temperature, ideally you are heating the product by using an electronic Hot-Plate however oil/water baths and thermometers are also a good optoin. Please note ovens do not provide any kind of meaningful result because the temperature of an oven is constantly fluctuating and we intend to see exactly how the compound reacts around its melting point.

All you need to complete this test is the melting point of the product, a Hot-Plate/water bath/oil bath and thermometer and you are 15 minutes away from not only confirming that you have the compound you want, but also that it is very high purity - without exception!


Below are some common melting points, the rest can be found on the product pages on our website:-


DIY Melting Point Test Instructions

1.) Place some aluminium foil on the surface of the Hot-Plate / oil / water and ensure it is in contact accross the entire surface. If this can not be acheived use a cooking pan on top of the electronic Hot-Plate.

2.) Place a small amount of the Compound on the Foil, only a tiny amount is required, big enough that that you can judge where it begins to melt but not so much that it will melt unevenly.

3.) Set the Hot-Plate/water/oil bath to just below the correct temperature range based on the confirmed melting point of the compound.

4.) Raise the temperature by 1c every 30s, all of the compound must dissolve within 1-3 celcius and at/within the confirmed melting point range of the compound - provided this occurs you are looking at 98-99%+ purity compound.

Please Note:- Accuracy is important with regards to temperature. Allow the temperature of the Hot-Plate to rise to the temperature as gradually as possible.

When the correct temperature is reached (always opt for the higher temperature it is is a range) you will notice the powder begin to turn into a liquid. All of the powder should turn in to a liquid and should do so at a similar temperature threshold.

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