Easy Way to Test Purity of Testosterone Enanthate

By Bella Lee | 14 July 2016 | 2 Comments

Is the purity of your Testosterone Enanthate really high?

Do you know how to test it?

The easy way is to hold the beaker when make it into liquids,high purity Testosterone Enanthate steroids powder would melt between your hands,even under Room temperature.

How is your powders' melting point?

June 29,2018 06:31
melting point of suspected testosterone enanthate is 34 C (98 F), However it should solidify at the same temp it melts but it resolidifies much lower -all the way down to 25 C. This is curious. Powder appears pure, crystals under powerful microscope appear pure and uniform. Sub q and IM shots left major PIP one in quad left leg imobil 1 week. Not good, unable to exercise. All sterile no infection. Seems like there is a reaction to an impurity. It is stated that the carrier oils difuse away leaving the steroid to irritate the tissues. That doesn't make sense if it stays liquid below 98 F (body is 98.6 F0.
inon rozner
January 14,2018 03:07
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